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Coffin Cover

Leatherette coffin cover

Drill Cover

Fabric coffin cover - transport coffins discreetly.

Carry Sheet

Single use non-woven fabric removal sheet

First call pack

Two person kit, ideal for vehicles.

Cardboard Pillow

20" Cardboard pillow
Improves viewing and cremation process

Maestri ME-80 Electronic Staple Gun

Made for upholstery applications, the ME 80 is a unique professional electronic stapler ideally suited for furnishing the interior of your coffin with an outstanding flawless finish.

Disaster Bag

Heavy duty construction
6 carry handles
Zipped around the edges
Identification window

Standard Body Bag

Zipped around the edges to seal in malodours. With identification window.

White Body Bag

Centre Zip with identification window.

Pre-formed Coffin Liner with Zip

This popular product is sold as sold as a single item or as a box of 20

Pre-formed Coffin Liner

This popular product is sold as a single item or as a box of 50

Cremfilm Folded Roll

Waterproof cremation approved lining folded along centre.

Cremfilm Std Roll

Waterproof cremation approved lining.

Solid oak Trestles

Height = 27 " x 17 "

Removal Shell

Sturdy fibreglass construction.

Plot Marker

Solid Oak construction.