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Funeral Equipment

Lightweight Stretcher with folding footstop

A First Call Stretcher with a difference.

Multilevel Stretcher

The Multilevel Stretcher allows a removal operation to be conducted professionally and safely. The stretcher can be moved between height positions without assuming the full weight.

Combination Stretcher

The Combination Stretcher gives the operator the choice of using the First Call One Man Loader or First Call Stretcher individually or combing both to offer an advanced removal package.

First Call One Man Loader

The One Man Loader was designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind. This One Man Loader is a light versatile single height trolley.

Disaster Pouch

Wipe clean PVC Coated nylon with six carry handles.

Stretcher Covers

Wipe Clean and fully elasticated

Transfer Board

This unique transfer board has a 6 inch raised back to assist with more difficult transfers.

Compact Stretcher

The Compact Stretcher is the smallest folding First Call Stretcher in its class.

First Call Flexible Stretcher

Constructed from hard wearing wipe clean PVC with built in wooden slats.

First Call Stretcher

The First Call Stretcher is light but robust enough for most removals.

Multilevel Stretcher with detachable top

Through combining the highly versatile Multilevel Stretcher with a lightweight First Call Stretcher this product offers the complete removal package.

Multilevel XL300

The Multilevel XL300 has been designed to carry out safe and dignified removal of larger bodies.

Multilevel ISP

The Multilevel ISP is lightweight and off ers versatility through out the removal process. Its multi-height facility allows easy sideways body transfers.

Universal Loader

Designed to load & unload coffins or trays from vehicles

Manual Hydraulic Body Hoist

Manual Body Hoist

12 volt Electro Unit - Hydraulic Short Top

Hydraulic Trolley Constructed in 1" square steel tube, 12, 14 and 16 gauge

Hydraulic Long Top Trolley

Hydraulic Trolley


Pall Cover

Fixed Bier Covers

Fits Bier Trolley

Fixed Bier

Bier trolley

Standard Lattice

Durable polished stainless steel folding bier trolley

Four Square Lattice

Durable polished stainless steel folding bier trolley

Body/Coffin Storage Rack

Constructed in 2" x 1" 16G tube with 2" diameter ballbearing rollers.