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Gowns and Coffin Interiors

Many of the gowns pictured in the range below show matching or complementary high quality coffin frilling.

These frills are available in 6" , 9" , 12" & 14" depths and are supplied in 30 yard lengths in a broad range of colours.

We also supply a wide range of coffin pillows, face cloths, drapery sets and coffin suites.

If you need any help selecting theses products please contact us. We would be delighted to help with any enquiry you may have.

Dale - No.11

Inset gown with stitch bonded taffeta trim

Dawn - Gown No.12

Inset gown stitch bonded satin trim

Valley - Gown No. 21

Inset gown stitch bonded with attractive taffeta rever

Bristol - Gown No.41

Inset gown, high quality taffeta. Spot dobby rever

Repose - Gown No.4 RC

Inset gown high quality taffeta, picture insert, brocade rever

Repose - Gown No.4

Inset gown high quality taffeta, brocade rever

Sunset - Gown No.44

Inset gown high grade taffeta with cravat front and padded rever

Wells - Gown No.6

High quality satin inset gown, cord girdle detail

Hillside - Gown No.51

High grade insrt gown with satin spot dobby rever

Gown No.131

High quality patterned inset satin gown

Winchester - Gown No.8

High quality satin inset gown with brocade rever

Milady - Gown No.39

Inset taffeta gown with bow & lace front (FM)

Lace - Gown No.7

Satin inset gown with padded lace rever & satin ribbon girdle detail (FM)

Yorkshire Rose - Gown No.35

Inset gown, best quality high grade satin, lace trim (FM)

Floral Sprig - Gown No 125

Inset gown in delicate printed taffeta with red rose motif (FM)

Lily - Gown No 37b (floral lace trim)

Inset gown, plain white satin with pink & green floral lace edging (FM)

Lily - Gown No.36b

Inset gown, plain white satin with white lace edging (FM)

English Rose - Gown No.36

Brocade inset gown with woven leaf pattern & rose trim (FM)

Duchess - Gown No.9

Satin inset gown with lace overlay & padded rever (FM)

Regal - Gown No.50

Inset gown, high quality satin, contrasting satin trim, padded rever (M)

Paisley - Gown No.10

Inset gown, high quality in Paisley pattern, satin cravat front (M)

Viscount - Gown No.52

Inset gown, jacquard brocade with contrasting satin trim (M)

Esquire - Gown No.53

Jacquard brocade inset gown with woven diamond pattern (M)

Barclay - Gown No.54

Inset Paisley gown with contrasting double collar (M)

Stirling - Gown No.62

Satin inset gown with diamond pattern (Subject to availability) (M)

York - Gown No.61

Inset suiting gown with satin trim & braided padded rever (M)

Sherwood - Gown No. 61

SHERWOOD Inset satin gown with white braided trim (Made to order) (M)

Suit Gown

High quality gown with matching tie and handkerchief

Arran Gown with Tie

High quality suit